The Homeopathic HCG Total Solution fat release Cycle Protocol Condensed Version

1. Phase I: Take the HCG Total Solution drops for fat release Phase

A. Begin taking the drops 3 or more times a day

B. Load-up with high calorie food for 2 days. The dieter consumes all types of high calorie foods and drinks.

C. Day 3 through day 40 continue taking the drops and reduce caloric intake from 500 to 750 calories depending on activity level. (Actual calories consumed are the amount of calories needed to sustain each dieter's activity level...the HCG released calories from released fat plus the calories eaten.) The intake diet consists of 1 very lean protein, 1 vegetable, 1fruit and 1 breadstick for the mid-day and evening meals. No fats, sugars or starches. As an alternative, a protein shake can be consumed for a breakfast meal bringing total intake for the day to 750 calories.

D. The fat release protocol should be maintained for at least 21 days. Stop taking drops 3 days before going into Phase II to clear the HCG out of system. Maintain the 500 calorie intake during the 3 day transition. If fat release goal is accomplished sooner than 21 days, continue taking the drops and increase daily calorie intake by 250 to 500 calories through day 23. Maintain fat released lower weight.

E. If dieter accomplishes fat release after 23 days and before day 43, begin Phase II anytime fat release target is reached.

F. Exercise is not required. High levels of exercise are not recommended.

2. Phase II: Maintain the fat released phase--21 days

A. Increase daily calorie intake to a minimum of 1,500 calories.

B. Introduce fat back into diet, but no sugars or starches.

C. Eat 3 meals a day. Weigh daily.

D. Keep weight within 2 pounds of the lower weight established while on fat release. Do not try to have additional fat released during this phase.

3. Phase III: Final Transition-get comfortable--lower fat released weight phase--21days.

A. Return to normal diet including fat, sugars and starches.

B. Maintain weight. Weigh daily.

C. If additional fat release is desired, start the next fat release Cycle at the end of Phase III.

The detailed HCG Total Solution fat release Protocol is provided with each purchase of HCG Total Solution.

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