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Sanavi HCG Total Solution Testimonials

I lost 50 pounds on the HCG diet and absolutely love the results. I tried dieting before with little success, feeling and looking tired in the process. I lost 20 pounds on the first and on the second cycles of the HCG protocol. I had plenty of energy, wasn't hungry and could still bicycle several times a week. To lose the last 10 pounds I decided to experiment with a vegan HCG diet. I was a bit skeptical but it worked! I lost an average of 1/2 pound per day. This diet works and the claims on the label are true! I recommend HCG Total Solution to anyone who is ready to lose those stubborn pounds NOW! Pat, 59 AZ

I have been through two weight loss cycles on HCG and have lost 70 lbs and 7 inches in my waist. I feel amazing! The compliments I get from family and friends are great. I recommended the HCG Total Solution diet to a couple of friends and family members who are doing great on it also. I have not felt this good in twenty years and intend to stay healthy and fit thanks to HCG. Anthony, 44, NM

What more can I say about the HCG diet than "It works!" I am down 50 lbs and am anticipating another weight loss cycle following the holidays. I look and feel great, and my husband is so proud of me. My cholesterol levels are now excellent and my triglycerides are great. As a result my health care professional has taken me off of diabetic meds and I am thrilled. Viki, 56, ME

I lost 40 lbs on my first HCG weight loss cycle. I work hard from pre-dawn to late night and am always on the go. I experienced plenty of energy while I was on the HCG diet and feel much better with my lower weight. I could hardly believe that I could get so much done eating 500 calories each day. I know that the other energy I needed came from the calories available through a reduction of unwanted fat. My wife is thrilled with the way I look. Wade, 35, ID

I only followed the HCG weight loss protocol for two weeks, but lost the unwanted fat I had in some hard to get to areas. I have been able to keep it off. I would recommend the protocol to anyone. It was the easiest weight I have ever lost. Penelope, 43, NY

My mother and I went on the HCG diet together. It was enjoyable doing the diet on the buddy system. I lost weight, felt good in the process and am enjoying the way I look now that I am slimmer. The only problem I had is that my old wardrobe was way too large so I had to replace the majority of my clothes. Amanda, 32, AZ

I started on the HCG diet and lost 50 lbs. It was the easiest weight loss that I have ever experienced. I had plenty of energy while I was on the diet and more energy now than I had before the diet carrying an extra 50 lbs. I am very pleased with the results and I readily recommend it to others. Hank, 39, IN

I was surprised that the HCG diet worked like it was promoted to work. Other diets I have tried came up short of their claims. I lost the weight I had targeted, and I am feeling and looking great. I am recommending it to all of my friends and those who need to lose weight to improve their health. Daphnie, 22, ID

My wife was on this new diet and she was more energetic than I was on a regular diet. On top of that, she was losing weight. It was hard for me to believe, so I decided to try the diet myself. It was amazing. I just took the HCG drops and followed the protocol. I lost lbs and inches and am feeling much better being 30 lbs lighter. I am pleased to recommend a diet that does what it claims it will do. HCG is truly the healthy way to lose weight. Brent, 63, AZ

I was headed to Hawaii for vacation and needed to drop some weight to look better in my swimsuit. I started on the HCG diet and got amazing results even while I was cooking regular meals for my family. I lost the weight, look great and am feeling very healthy. Thanks, HCG, it works! Carol, 36, NC

I could not believe how easy it is to lose weight on the HCG diet. So I tried it myself to see if its claims of weight loss were true. As an engineer, I like to put theories and claims to the test. I am pleased to state that the HCG Total Solution diet works. I have never felt so good while trying to lose weight. It is a great product and I highly recommend it. Mark, 36, WV 

My schedule is hectic and I have a hard time eating at the appropriate times. I was amazed at how well the HCG Total Solution diet worked for me. I just decided that I would do my best to follow the protocol and I lost 30 lbs. I have not felt this good about my weight in years. My wife also lost weight on the diet. We are both looking and feeling much better with our lower weights. Walt, 58, ME

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