Progesterone Testimonials

Progesterone 5 Testimonials:

When I take progesterone 5 just prior to eating sugary foods such as ice cream, it keeps me from experiencing the highs and lows normally associated with sugar intake. I also have found it to be a sleep aid. Brent, 71, AZ

Insomnia has been a problem for me and I took prescription meds to alleviate the issue1. I felt that wasn’t the answer after talking to a friend who was using Progesterone 5. I reluctantly tried it and the first night I slept well. Maybe it’s just a fluke…The second night, I again slept well. Hmmm, maybe it works… The third night it worked again! Done! I’m sold! This stuff is great and I am happy to be taking something natural, that is good for my body. I totally recommend this product. Denise, 52, ID

My Grammy gave me a bottle of Progesterone 5 because I have severe monthly cramping. I took it for the first three weeks after my period and discontinued until I finished my period. I then started again for another three weeks. It worked and I wasn’t miserable. Rachel, 16, OK

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